On the Myth of “Caring Capitalism” versus “Predatory Capitalism”

On the train journey back from the workshop, I scribbled down some thoughts and reflected on notes from the day’s critical discussions about corporations, capitalism, and the “global”. Below are some of the different themes, topics, and questions that I’ve been thinking about since the session. In particular, I’m interested in critical analysis of: 1) different ideas about political economy and its connection to, or disconnection from, capitalism, 2) the limitations of the language/framing of “The Global…” (e.g., fetishising invocations of “Global South” via the gaze of “Global North”), and 3) the way that various terms have become proxies for capitalism, colonialism, and care.

On Foggy Temporalities and Feelings: Knowing, sensing, and creating beyond linear timelines

Today I hope that we’ll consider and share different ways and experiences of knowing, sensing, creating, and being, including beyond linear timelines and beyond the concept of writing or researching in a way that involves a “beginning”, a “middle”, and an “end”.

On the Horror of Being Perceived in Bones and All

Throughout Bones and All, the pair are plagued by various “should haves” and “could haves”, resulting in the sense that no matter how monstrous their instincts are perceived to be, there is something unmistakably human about the existential questions that haunt them, and the everyday emotional pain that looms large (loss, rejection, trauma, shame, disappointment, guilt).